Sunday, August 12, 2012

Course Reflections

Well, another course comes to a close and I am that much closed to finishing my masters. When I first began this course I was excited about all of the opportunities these technology skills would offer my third graders. Now, although I am still excited about the technology, I have found out that I will not be teaching third grade but rather kindergarten. All of the fantastic ideas and planning I have done in my head is out the window. 

I hope to use the GAME plan process to work on creating lessons in the future. I think that this process is a simple way to incorporate all of the needed items into a lesson plan. I wish I could have created lessons during this course in which I would be able to use, but I plan on using what I have learned to create new plans for my little ones. 

Since I am starting all of my plans from scratch, I plan on incorporating as much technology as my kids can handle. It is going to be a change of pace since I will have to ensure that my students understand how to use technology. Not to mention, the school I have transferred to uses all Apple products which I know nothing about! This year will be full of challenges but I believe that this course has helped me to prepare to bring these children into the newest era of education. 

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